Hey, Six, it's time to stop being run by your what-ifs. 


If your brain is anything like mine, left to its own devices, it serves up a LOT of inner turmoil.

Even if other people don't see it, you experience it. Your mind is usually playing out one or more of the following patterns: 


You usually feel some underlying hum of anxiety or angst. Your brain is offering you constant "what ifs" about the future...and they aren't pretty.

You are worried about something that already happened or something that might happen...or probably something that might happen based on something that already happened. 

You have a strong desire for certainty, and contend with a lot of self doubt, so you are looking for certainty by gathering MORE information, or checking in with your allies.

You are often looking for the "right" answer to your problems, or other peoples', and you look outside of yourself for the answers instead of looking in for what you might already know.

You might be avoiding things you want to be doing because you can sense that moving in that direction is going to bring up fear, doubt, or uncertainty.

Your brain might be working hard trying to prepare for anything going wrong in the future. In fact enjoying good moments is tough because your brain is already onto the next hard thing.

You might feel super responsible all of the time  while also being resentful about all the responsibility…why can’t someone else just do it…right?!

I know it's familiar.

    I know it's exhausting.       


  • You know how to use your sixy traits FOR you instead of against you?

  • You believe in your ability to handle life as it comes?

  • You experience more peace even with life still being lifey...and people being peopley. 

  • You know how to take fear and anxiety along with you instead of spending so much energy trying to make them go away or avoid them?

  • You know how to handle uncertainty, so you can SLOW the mental spins and direct your mind on purpose?

  • You aren't paralyzed by your what-ifs?

It's hard to imagine a postive future for a sixy brain.


When I ask sixes what they want their lives to look like, they usually talk more about the current problems or say some version of...just peace; some peace and calm.


With a brain locked into orienting to threat, it's hard to imagine what life would like if you could:









Yet if you imagine your life with those skills on board, what does a normal day look like for you? How is it different than now?


Work WITH your brain rather than against it.  Then that is completely possible for you. 

Change doesn't have to be dramatic to dramatically change your life.


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Zero to Sixy is not only about understanding yourself better. It's about actually becoming a healthier, sturdier, more peaceful version of you. 

With the right tools and support, you can make real change in your life. 

Here is what's inside: 

The Enneagram Basics you need and basics about the human brain you may not know. Learn how to use this information FOR you right away.

Learn the difference between being in a reactive thinking pattern and thinking on purpose.  This isn't affirmations or arguing with yourself, this is a whole new relationship to your thinking. 

Owning and processing our feelings is important and difficult work. You'll learn how to own your feelings without allowing them to own your decisions. 

Yes, we are head types, and we'd like to stay up there! These are tools to connect to our bodies as well (we have them after all) for a more integrated and grounded experience. 

Sixes, we love to learn and consume. Slowing down enough to implement doesn't come naturally to our brains. This space reminds us to put a new tool into action.

You are not alone. Weekly group coaching brings the teaching to life. You can come get coached on any topic to get support applying everything to your life! 


"Zero to Sixy is my sanity check each week. My boss has seen a difference in me and I credit it to the teaching , tools and coaching that are specific to me as a six. It is a safe space to be my true self!"

                                                   -Melissa, Enneagram Six


Group coaching has radically changed my life. I realize that I'm not alone, that there are other people who think like me and that we can learn and grow together. Kristin holding space for that and gently guiding us is gold. It’s forever changed me. I didn't know I could control my thoughts. I didn't know I could change my mind. I'm just not as reactionary anymore and there is so much freedom in that.

April Neill

Hi There,
I'm Kristin, the life coach for Sixes.

My Story

Like most sixes, I used to be on a personal growth journey...that didn't feel optional. I was COMPELLED to "grow". I was constantly reading books, frantically taking in information wherever I could find it, consuming all the things in order to feel better, have better relationships, fix...fix all the things that were wrong and prevent all the things that might go wrong. 

As you know, that's a lot of things. 

When I discovered The Enneagram, it was no different. I went all in. I learned a ton about my self and my patterns...more information, more understanding, always believing that understanding myself more would automatically lead to change. 

It wasn't until I learned how to coach that I learned HOW to APPLY all the things I had learned and started to experience actual life change in every area of my life. 


As a coach for sixes, I help you stop being paralyzed by your what ifs, anxiety, SELF DOUBT and fears and get more into the present...into your life.

I use a lot of tools to do it: 

The Enneagram (of course!)
Mindset Work 
Feelings Work
Embodiment Practices
Unshaming Practices

I use these tools in order to direct you to yourself, your inner authority, the truth of who you ARE. 

Coaching is NOT being told what to do. Sixes think they want that, but...they also hate that. 

I have lots of ideas for your brain to push against, our brains LOVE that...we often do it unconsciously.

While I have tools and lots of experience with sixy brains, you are the expert of your life. I help you remember that. 

I have spent the last 5 years learning how to help sixes claim their power back from the ways we disempower ourselves with our automatic sixy strategies. 

The weekly coaching in this program is what brings the teaching to life.

"Me reading books on the Enneagram: One?…Two? Three…Four??? Five?…oh no!!! I’m a six! Kristin helps me love and delight in the way I am made, and there’s no greater gift."
                                                                                             -Arlene, Enneagram Six

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As an anxious person, I often felt like I had little control over things that caused my anxiety.  Once I learned to identify my thoughts and ask myself good questions, I could access different perspectives yielding different thoughts. This ultimately impacted how I felt about things. Kristin helped me realize I had so much choice available. Now I can live from a proactive place rather than a reactive one."

Katy Beckham


I design each topic with your brain in mind. I work WITH your brain in a way that works alongside your skepticism, fear, and sixy spins. 

Less self doubt and more self trust is possible when you learn how to work WITH your brain and not against it. 




We are used to "shoulding" ourselves to create change.

Shoulding ourselves doesn't work and makes positive lasting change impossible to attain. 

But until we know another way, we just keep learning things and telling ourselves we "should" do them. 


You might feel like you have tried all the thing and wonder how this could be different. 

In this work, we move past learning into application, with support, via weekly coaching. 

What you learn gets to come to life IN your life and not just live in your head!



"When I think back to how I felt about myself before working with Kristin, it's just night and day. I feel so much more authentic and in integrity with how I want to show up in the world. I'm acting from a place of choice instead of reactivity...And that feels really amazing."

-Abbi Linde




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“Working with someone who understands firsthand the blessing AND curse of having a 6 brain has been such a game changer! I feel so much more confident and comfortable with my own human experience.”

-Afton Toler


Through coaching, I have opened up to to loving myself.  I feel a connection with creativity and trust. I know how to be kind to the parts of me that need reassurance, rather than unknowingly throwing that expectation onto others or shaming myself for those needs. I know how to choose to be vulnerable enough to share my needs with someone instead of feeling abandoned when they don't know what they are. I love myself enough to set healthy boundaries for me even when they are difficult.

-Lisa, Enneagram Six


  • WEEKLY LIVE COACHING (Wed, 12pm Eastern Time)
  • Quarterly topics of focus for sixy growth and integration.¬†
  • A community of sixes to do the work with
  • Bite sized videos
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