Episode #12 - Sixes and Toxic Relationships

Sixes and Toxic Relationships 

In this episode Kristin and Misty discuss being in toxic relationships and some ideas around recovery after.

Hopefully this episode shines a NON-shaming light on the experience of being in a toxic relationship and explores the idea of self-responsibility in a useful and self-supportive way. Sixes often get stuck using “responsibility” against themselves rather than for themselves.

Misty Lynn is an Enneagram 6, Pacific Northwest native and a devoted mother to three boys, ranging in age from 24-16. After breaking free from her own long-term toxic relationship, she underwent a profound personal transformation and shifted her focus towards life coaching. Drawing from her own journey, she now specializes in toxic relationship recovery coaching, guiding clients through the process of healing, empowerment, and transformation after enduring toxic relationship experiences. With compassion and understanding, she helps women reconnect with themselves and break free from the clutches of toxic relationships. Empowering and equipping women to create a new path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life, one that is rooted in self-love and self-worth.

To contact Misty, reach out here:
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