Episode #14 - Sixes, Connection, and Community

In this conversation, Kristin and Liora discuss the difficult realizations that can land on us when the things we think will finally bring us contentment…don’t. We discuss connection, community, and different ways that is helpful and challenging for us. We also discuss some ways to orient to ourselves in supportive ways that help us meet the world with more security and capacity for uncertainty on board.

 Dr. Liora Elias is a university professor, Enneagram coach & speaker based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their approach to the Enneagram pairs their expertise in psychological research on human development with spirituality. They are excited to help their clients & audiences raise their consciousness levels, discover & honor their boundaries and learn more about their instinctual motivations. 

Connect with Dr. Elias to schedule a complimentary consultation via email: [email protected] , Instagram @theenneagramdr or their website at https://www.theenneagramdr.com/

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