Episode #19 - We are More than Thinky Thinkers

Listen in as Kristin and Sam discuss the importance of personal practice and understanding our own automatic patterns as avenues to experience more regulation and connection with our true selves apart from personality.

Samantha Taroni is the author of ‘Take it to the Trees’ and the founder of The Soul Shed (www.thesoul-shed.co.uk) - a project to support inner journeying that’s informed by the Enneagram teachings. She is dedicated to offering nourishing and re-sourcing creative practices rooted in the body and in place, and opening into imaginal spaces.

Her work and offerings support us in exploring our humaning as our instinctually grounded life on earth - and in reclaiming lost pieces of our life force, by contacting innate creative wisdom and deepening contact with our being. Journeying at point six on the Enneagram has been a big part of her inner work, and a big part of uncovering and growing this offering.

You can also follow her work @the_soul_shed and @deepmappingjourneys on Instagram.

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